Jarrett Maier interview with World Class Movie Stars Magazine.


World Class Movie Stars would like to welcome rising Chicago area actor Jarrett Maier.

World Class Movie Stars: Hello Jarrett please tell our readers about yourself and where you are from.
Jarrett: I was born in Chicago, Illinois but grew up in the city of Lafayette, Indiana. I currently finished my first year of college at Columbia College Chicago where I am majoring in Acting.

World Class Movie Stars: Let’s start by listing some of the films you played in.
Jarrett: To date, I have appeared in both Film & Television with my most recent credit being, “American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story” produced by Amazon Studios. My other credits include the award-winning drama, ​The Things We’ve Seen ​along with various short films.

World Class Movie Stars: What are the roles you played in those films?
Jarrett: For, “American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story” I had the privilege to portray Hugh Hefner as a teenager at a point in his life before he became what people know him as today.  In ​The Things We’ve Seen​ I portrayed, Reagan Boem, a boy who sets off in search for his fugitive father to clear their family name.

World Class Movie Stars: What is your range of acting?
Jarrett: While I’ve played everything from a Clown Impersonator in a Horror-Comedy, to a young man being torn from his family in a Holocaust Drama, I find myself very drawn towards dramatic character-roles.

World Class Movie Stars: Tell us about your acting educational background.
Jarrett: As I’ve grown, I’ve trained at different improvisational workshops in Lafayette, Indiana as well as performing in the Drama Department at McCutcheon High School, but everything has really culminated recently at Columbia College Chicago where I am training in there Acting Studies Program.

World Class Movie Stars: How were you discovered?
Jarrett: I was discovered by Tre Manchester, an Independent Filmmaker, who invited me to appear in his short film back in 2014. From that moment we developed a close relationship where he took me under his wing, working on my craft, which ultimately led to my first feature film role in ​The Things We’ve Seen​.

World Class Movie Stars: Which role was the most challenging?
Jarrett: To me the most challenging role was Reagan Boem in ​The Things We’ve Seen​, due to the fact that it was my first real transition from the stage to a leading role on the screen. It was a learning experience for me because I was trying to find my process. Prior to that I never had experience with working on such a large scale, both in terms of story and production.

World Class Movie Stars: What is your greatest accomplishment as an actor so far?
Jarrett: My greatest accomplishment as an actor so far would be winning the Rising Star Award at the 50th Worldfest Houston International Film Festival along with being nominated for Best Supporting Actor by the Houston Critic’s Choice Society.

World Class Movie Stars: Are there any other projects you are currently working on?
Jarrett: I am currently working on a feature film project, ​The Shade Shepherd, ​where I’ll have the chance to work alongside actor Jordon Hodges. The two of us appeared in ​The Things We’ve Seen​ together. While still early in development, I am also attached to another feature project that we hope to announce soon.

World Class Movie Stars: Who are you favorite Co stars to work with at the moment?
Jarrett: I thoroughly enjoyed working with actor’s Randy Ryan (​20th Century Women, Public Enemies​) and Shani Salyers-Stiles who just appeared in a film called ​Columbus​, which played at Sundance Film Festival in 2017. Both are truly skilled at their craft, and I learned a lot from working alongside them.

World Class Movie Stars: What are your acting goals?
Jarrett: My goal as an actor has and will continue to be the ability to affect people in some capacity emotionally. I’ll never forget the films and characters that made an impact on my life, I can only hope to do the same.

World Class Movie Stars: What advice would you give to young talent?
Jarrett: My biggest advice to give to young talent would be to never lose the drive and passion of wanting to succeed and to continue to persevere. Hard work is rewarded.

World Class Movie Stars: What surprises can we expect from the show in 2017/18?
Jarrett: Hopefully audiences will see continued growth in my ability as an actor and the range of characters I play.

World Class Movie Stars: What kind of legacy would you like to leave behind?
Jarrett: It is my hope that I can resonate as an example that hard work and persistence pays off.

World Class Movie Stars: Where can people learn more about you?
Jarrett: People learn more about me through my IMDb page, my Facebook Page
(fb.com/JarrettM10), and my Twitter (@JarrettM10).

World Class Movie Stars Magazine would like to say thank you to Jarrett Maier for this wonderful interview. And we can’t wait to see him on the silver screen.

Editor Derek Tokarzewski

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